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Irish Hoop Events

There is lots of very exciting news for Irish Hoopers and hoop events in general this year. Over the summer there will be lots of Irish Hoopers hoop meet ups from fire and LED nights to the Irish Hoop Convention and guest teachers coming to teach us amazing new moves and tricks.  The most exciting news is regarding none other than super star hooper RACHEL LUST coming to Ireland in July 2017!!!  Tickets are on sale here

Previous Irish Hoopers Hoop events

Superstar Babz Robinson came from America to Ireland in summer 2016.  She brought her workshop “Bringing the Badass” to us in Dublin and we learnt a ton of new moves from her.

You can find all the details here through Babz’s own website

Irish Hoopers Hoop Conventions

Irish Hoopers has hosted the world’s most famous and respected hula hoopers.  Hoopers in Ireland get to learn amazing hula hoop tricks from the best teachers in the world, (in no particular order) we have hosted classes and workshops by Rico Tito, Emma Keer, Bracken Riviera, Gail O’Brien, Bags, Valentina, Revolva, Tiana, Lyndsay, Gale Funra Francis, Julie Taylor, Birte Poi, Sophia Wheatley, Catherine Jameson, Livi Little, Angie Kinsella, Niv Gwen, Gems Goddard, Emily Wheeler and Lyndsay Hooper and of course last but not least my partner in crime teacher and organiser extraordinaire Catherine Simpson.

2016 Irish Hoop Convention

hoop events 2017

Cork Hoop Day 2015

2015 Irish Hoop Convention

Hoop events 2015

2014 Irish Hoop Convention

hoop events 2014

2013 Irish Hoop Convention

Hoop evnets 2013

2012 Irish Hoop Convention

WHB 12

2011 Irish Hoop Convention

IHC 12

As well as larger hoop events there are a lot of smaller hoop events around the country. As well as meeting up to hoop with the usual type of hoops there are also meet ups to practice fire hooping and LED hooping together. A great way to meet up with other Irish Hoopers is to join the Irish Hoopers Facebook group and introduce yourself to other IrishHoopers

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