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Irish Hoopers in the Irish Independent:

Mairéad Collins of Irish Hoopers is in the media!  She is  on the cover of the February issue of Irish Independent’s “Health & Fitness” magazine.  Irish Hoopers also featured in an article promoting hula hoop and the Irish Hoopers scene.  Mairéad discussed the benefits of hula hooping.  She also discussed the exciting things that will be happening in Irish hoop scene over the summer months.  This includes the Irish Hoop Convention and possibly the most exciting news ever, hoop superstar Rachel Lust’s visit in  July ’17

Hoop cover story   Irish Hoopers and Hoop article

Irish Hoopers

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Hooping or Hoop dance is the dance exercise that swept into Ireland from the UK and USA. It has helped to change the face of exercise.  It is an especially fun way to get moving and lose weight.  Hoop is a form as well as an outlet for creativity.  Hula hooping is an amazing way to get fit, get coordinated and make new friends as well as having great fun.

Hula Hooping is an excellent cardiovascular exercise but it is so much fun you don’t even notice you’re exercising.  Working every part of your body hoop dance does not concentrate on the waist area alone, all parts of the body are used and exercised.  Everyone, whatever age, size and shape, can hula hoop, it just takes a little practice and patience.  There is no end to the tricks you can learn or to the skill level you can acquire. Most of all it is a great way to socialize, it is inclusive of everyone and is a tremendous amount of fun.

Hula Hoop & Mairéad Hoopity Collins

Mairéad started to hula hoop on the Summer Solstice in 2006 at the hill of Tara.  It seems like she became an dedicated hula hooper straight away. Travelling to international hula hoop conventions across Europe she has studied with the best international hula hoop teachers.   Mairéad has performed at Electric Picnic and the Phoenix Festival. She has also appeared at the Helium Festival and the Festival of Fires in addition to the Shakefest Festival in Charleville Castle. As well as hula hooping for fun and fitness she has also given time and performances for charitable causes.  Mairéad has taught at Dublin Circus Festival and the National Circus Festival, as well as performing at private and corporate events.

Mairéad established Irish Hoopers in 2011.  She also began teaching hula hoop classes in Templebar, Dublin City.  Through Irish Hoopers she has also coordinated the annual Irish Hoop Convention in Dublin, which has facilitated workshops from international hoop teachers visiting  from other countries.  There are always more plans in the pipeline, for more details see Events page.

She has worked tirelessly to nurture the Irish Hoop scene in Ireland.  This has helped to grow a wonderful community, which the Irish Hoop scene is today.