For all things hoopy in Ireland!

Outside Dublin

Irish Hoopers in Offaly - Hoop outside Dublin

Hoop outside Dublin

If you’re outside Dublin and you want to find local hoopy happenings near you here are some useful links to find hoop outside Dublin:

All hoopers in Ireland: Irish Hoopers Facebook Group

Northern Ireland:

Cork: Cork Hoops Facebook Group

Galway: Galway Community Circus

There are also Facebook hoop communities in Cork and Limerick, just search the county then “hoopers”.

Start your own meet up

If you can’t find a class or event in your area you could consider starting your own meet up. All you need is a venue and some like minded hoopers.  Leaflets and posters is a great way to get the word out and target local hoopers.  Feel free to send me any details of meet ups you arrange and I will add them to this page.