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Set up a Hoop Group

Set up your own Hoop Group!

A great way to ensure you always have lots of friends to hoop with is to create your own Hoop Group.  All that’s needed is a venue for the colder months, (outdoors is fine in the good weather), and of course hula hoops! After that all you need is enthusiasm and some friends.  If you want to set up your own group and need some information on buying hoops in bulk you can contact me directly at or through my Etsy shop

Here’s a testimonial from Claire who set up her own hoop group recently:

“After years of struggling on with my heavy 40” exercise hoop, I was itching to get my hands on some smaller, lighter hoops that I kept seeing on the youtube videos. I knew no one else who hooped and wondered about the quality of the various types of hoops available on etsy etc.

I liked the look of Mairead’s hoops and got a group of colleagues interested. We purchased 17 shiny, handmade, collapsable hoops from her, and each one of us is delighted with our new hoop. We meet three times a week for half and hour after work, stick on some tunes, have a laugh and get a bit of exercise.

The hoops are sturdy and lovely to use, both on and off the body. I’m bringing two on holiday this year. One for me and one for my 5 year old, who will soon be surpassing me in her hoop skills.

Mairéad was lovely to deal with and the hoops arrived when she said they would. I LOVE my new hoops, and pricewise they’re great value for such a sturdy, beautiful, handmade product. I happily recommend her hoops.”