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I have perfected my hoop making technique over many years so every hoop is durable and will last you many years of hula hooping if you look after it.  Each one is made with great care and attention to detail. I make and sell every kind of hoop from minis to large exercise hoops, I have hoops for all hoopers from absolute beginners to professional hoopers.  All the hoops that I make are collapsible so they can coil down to half their size for easy transport.  The Irish Hoopers Etsy shop sells HDPE beginner hoops, intermediate 20mm polypro and advanced 16mm polypro tubing.  Once you have chosen your hoop design just specify which hoop material you would like from the drop down menu.


Create your own colour combinations

Irish Hoopers Etsy Shop

Irish Hoopers has it’s own Etsy site where you can buy gorgeous hoops in every style or you can order a custom hoop. You can customise the size of the hoop, the tubing material and the style of decoration.  To create your own custom decoration you can choose from  holographic, glitter or grip tape in various sizes and in every colour. Whether you want  plain and simple hoop or a riot of colour I will enjoy making your dream hoop.

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